Health & Human Services Agency Board

Public/Consumer Advocates Members

  • Paul M. Turner, Jr, Chairman,
    Public / Consumer Member
  • Neil G. Budde, Public Member
  • Dr. Ann Geers, Public/Consumer Member
  • John Stoeckel, Public Member
  • Dr. Rusty Ross, Public Member
  • Murat Yazan, Public/Consumer Member

Professional Members Required by Statute

  • Kim Ferguson, Vice Chair
    Pharmacist Member
  • Dr. Kristel W. Causby, Optometrist Member
  • Dr. Elizabeth Ferguson, Dentist Member
  • Warren Sugg, Engineer Member
  • Dr. Ginger Lang, Psychologist Member

  • Dr. David McCracken, Veterinarian Member
  • Brandon C. Rogers, Commissioner Member
  • Sarah Henderson, MSN, RN, Registered Nurse Member
  • Dr. Mollie Harrington-Weaver, Physician Member
  • Dr. Lisa Verges, Psychiatrist Member
  • Dan Schultz, Social Worker Member


The Haywood County Health and Human Services Board (HHS Board) is an advisory body with members appointed by the Haywood County Board of Commissioners through an application process enacted whenever there is an anticipated vacancy on the HHS Board. The HHS Board supports the agency in achieving its goals and bettering the health and well-being of the community.

About the Board

When the Health Department and the Department of Social Services consolidated, so did their respective boards. The Haywood County Health and Human Services Board was created per North Carolina General Statute 153A-77, which states in part: “A consolidated human services board appointed by the board of county commissioners shall serve as the policy-making, rule-making, and administrative board of the consolidated human services agency…..The composition of the board shall reasonably reflect the population makeup of the county and shall include: Four persons who are consumers of human services; eight persons who are professionals, each with qualifications in one of these categories: one psychologist, one pharmacist, one engineer, one dentist, one optometrist, one veterinarian, one social worker, and one registered nurse; two physicians licensed to practice medicine in this State; one of whom shall be a psychiatrist; one member of the board of county commissioners; other persons, including members of the general public representing various occupations. The board of county commissioners may elect to appoint a member of the consolidated human services board to fill concurrently more than one category of membership if the member has the qualifications or attributes of more than one category of membership.”

Contacting the HHS Board

Board members can be contacted by sending mail to their attention at:
Care of Kathi Greene
Haywood County Health and Human Services
157 Paragon Parkway
Clyde, NC 28721