Health & Human Services Agency Board

Meeting Information

  • Third Tuesday of each month (except July and December), 6 pm 
  • Health and Human Services, 157 Paragon Parkway, Clyde (Note:  Covid-19 may affect whether or not these meetings are conducted in person or virtually or an alternate location to allow for social distancing.  Information about virtual attendance will be posted with the agenda if applicable.)
  • Citizens wishing to commend but unable to attend a meeting can email


  • Per North Carolina General Statutes, the authorities and duties of a consolidated Health and Human Services (HHS) Board are:
    • Set fees for departmental services based upon recommendations of the human services director.
    • Assure compliance with laws related to State and federal programs.
    • Recommend creation of local human services programs.
    • Adopt local health regulations and participate in enforcement appeals of local regulations.
    • Perform regulatory health functions required by State law.
    • Act as coordinator or agent of the State to the extent required by State or federal law.
    • Plan and recommend a consolidated human services budget.
    • Conduct audits and reviews of human services programs, including quality assurance activities, as required by State and federal law or as may otherwise be necessary periodically.
    • Advise local officials through the county manager.
    • Perform public relations and advocacy functions.
    • Protect the public health to the extent required by law.
    • Perform comprehensive mental health services planning if the county is exercising the powers and duties of an area mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services board under the consolidated human services board.
    • Develop dispute resolution procedures for human services contractors and clients and public advocates, subject to applicable State and federal dispute resolution procedures for human services programs, when applicable.


  • Per NC General Statute 153A-77(d), the Haywood Health and Human Services (HHS) Board includes one each of the following: psychologist, pharmacist, engineer, dentist, optometrist, veterinarian, social worker, registered nurse, psychiatrist, other physician, and County Commissioner. In addition to these positions, there will be at least two consumer representatives and at least two general public representatives for a minimum total of 15 positions and a maximum number of 19 positions.
  • Vacancies are posted to the county website and sent to the publication sunshine list as they occur.  The HHS Board interviews candidates and makes appoint recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Members are appointed to four-year terms.

Contacting the HHS Board

Board members can be contacted by emailing: 

OR by sending mail to their attention at:
Care of Grizel Gonzalez-Jeuck
Haywood County Health and Human Services
157 Paragon Parkway
Clyde, NC 28721