Cooperative Extension

The Haywood County office of North Carolina Cooperative Extension stands as an educational collaboration among North Carolina State University, North Carolina A&T State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Haywood County. This partnership is dedicated to providing valuable community-based programs across five essential program areas:

  • -Building Quality Communities: The Cooperative Extension is committed to fostering the development of vibrant and resilient communities. Through educational initiatives and outreach efforts, the office strives to enhance the overall quality of life within Haywood County.

  • -Conserving and Improving the Environment and Natural Resources: Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, the Cooperative Extension actively engages in programs that promote the conservation and improvement of local ecosystems and natural resources. These initiatives contribute to sustainable practices and environmental well-being.

  • -Developing Responsible Youth: With a focus on the future, the Cooperative Extension plays a pivotal role in nurturing responsible and informed youth. Educational programs and activities are designed to empower young individuals, instilling values that contribute to personal growth and community leadership.

  • -Enhancing Agriculture, Forest, and Food Systems: Given the agricultural heritage of the region, the Cooperative Extension is dedicated to supporting and improving agriculture, forestry, and food systems. Through research-based information and collaborative efforts, the office works to strengthen these vital components of the local economy.

  • -Strengthening and Sustaining Families: Recognizing the central role of families in community well-being, the Cooperative Extension is actively involved in programs that promote family strength and sustainability. Educational resources and support services are offered to empower families in navigating challenges and fostering resilience.

By addressing these diverse program areas, the Haywood County office of North Carolina Cooperative Extension plays a pivotal role in enhancing the knowledge, well-being, and prosperity of the local community. The collaborative efforts of this extension office contribute to the overall development and sustainability of Haywood County.