Who Regulates What

Navigating the regulatory landscape for land development and construction can be complex. This page serves as a valuable resource to streamline your inquiries and direct you to the appropriate agencies for permitting your proposed activities. While this brochure includes many common development activities associated with building, it is not exhaustive, and your project may involve other activities not listed here.

The agency list provided is designed to offer clarity on the types of activities each agency regulates, assisting you in identifying the relevant authorities for your specific needs. To ensure compliance and prevent violations, it is essential to obtain proper permissions from the respective agencies before commencing any work. Some development activities may require multiple permits, especially in areas with diverse regulations.

Developing in the Western North Carolina mountains presents unique challenges, such as steep slopes, high-quality waters, and high-density developments. Successful project outcomes hinge on thorough planning. It is advisable to initiate the planning process early to avoid costly delays, and adhering to the principle of "doing it right the first time" can save both time and resources.

By proactively engaging with the appropriate agencies and embracing good planning practices, you enhance the likelihood of a successful and compliant land development or construction project in this region.

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