Economic Services

ADULT MEDICAID:  Medical assistance for qualifying individuals who are 65 or older, blind, disabled and have income/resources under a certain limit.

DELINKING CONTINUOUS MEDICAID COVERAGE FROM THE PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY: The 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act (Omnibus Bill) has made an important change to the Medicaid Program.  Medicaid programs will no longer be required to provide continuous coverage for ineligible beneficiaries starting April 1, 2023. 

CHILD SUPPORT:  Provides location of non-custodial parents, establishment of paternity, establishment of support obligations, monitoring collection of payments and enforcement of support obligations.

CRISIS INTERVENTION PROGRAM (CIP) Provides funding to prevent or alleviate a crisis due to heating or cooling needs.  Payments are made directly to service providers.

FAMILY AND CHILDREN'S MEDICAID:  A broad range of medical assistance programs for quality families and children who cannot afford health care costs, including medical assistance for pregnant women.

FOOD AND NUTRITION SERVICES:  Food Nutrition Services is a food assistance program that helps provide households the food they need for good health.

LOW INCOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LIEAP):  Provides a one-time vendor payment to assist qualifying households with heating expenses.

PROGRAM INTEGRITY (FRAUD)Maintains the integrity of public assistance programs by deterring, investigation, and prosecuting fraud.

SPECIAL ASSISTANCE:  Provides financial assistance for cost of care to people 18 years or older in adult care facilities, group homes or area-operated mental health homes.  Medicaid benefits are also included.

WORK FIRST FAMILY ASSISTANCE:  Helps parents support themselves and their families by provides short-term training and other services to increase the chances of employment.

Equal Opportunity Employer & Provider

Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency is an equal opportunity employer and provider.