Accepted Materials

Recycle Right NC - Updated Information for what can go in your bin

Items accepted for  single stream recycling (curbside and convenience centers) are:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Catalogs, magazines, newspapers, telephone books, third class mail and other paper products, such as grocery bags
  • Clear, green and amber food grade glass bottles and jars (no lids, no dishes)
  • Corrugated cardboard and household cardboard boxes (cereal, cracker, cake mix)
  • Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs and jars (screw on lids are ok, flip top lids need to go with the trash)
  • Steel cans

Additional items accepted at the convenience centers (NOT curbside) are:

  • Batteries: Place batteries in a plastic bag and hand them to a Convenience Center attendant
  • Used motor oil
  • Used vegetable oil
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Used antifreeze (Jones Cove CC only)

The following products are only accepted at the Materials Recovery Center, not at convenience centers. 

  • Used electronics, including old computers, monitors, printers and keyboards, VCRs and DVD players, small peripherals (such as cameras, PDAs and other devices that can be plugged into a computer), phone equipment, video/audio equipment, network equipment and test equipment
  • Scrap Tires
  • Long fluorescent bulbs