Subdivision & Pre-Development Ordinance

The Subdivision and Pre-development Ordinance ensures the parcel is suitable for a septic system and informs developers and buyers of existing federal, state and local laws regulating development and subdivision of land.

It must be determined whether or not the transaction is a split and if it is inside a city limit or extra territorial jurisdiction and if it is exempt from the ordinance. If it is a split and inside a Watershed Protected area, the document must be stamped notifying the buyer of possible building restrictions.


One exemption to the ordinance is exemption 152A.05(A)(9), more commonly known as a "Split and Combine." This exemption is defined as the division of land into no more than two parcels for the purpose of combining one of the parcels with an adjacent tract of land if the adjacent tract of land is in compliance with all provisions of the county ordinance adopted pursuant to this act and the combining of the parcel and adjacent tract results in a newly created single parcel for land records purposes.