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1. Where do I get a business license?
2. Where Can I Get a Federal ID or State ID number?
3. Most of the assets were given to me. Do I still have to list them?
4. Why did I receive a late list penalty on my bill and how much penalty am I paying?
5. Can I get an extension to list my business and if so for how long?
6. Where Can I get a copy of my Business Personal Property Listing Form?
7. I use my Personal Computer a couple of times a month to do invoices. Do I still have to list my own personal computer?
8. How did you arrive at the value placed on my business?
9. My equipment is all very old and does not have any value to it. Why am I still getting a tax bill?
10. We sold the business in February. Why am I still getting billed?
11. What is a depreciation schedule or fixed asset schedule?
12. Why is my business being audited?
13. Who do I talk to about appealing my audit and how long do I have to make an appeal?
14. I only have a rental unit. Why am I getting a business listing form?
15. I sent you my business listing and wrote same as last year on it, so why did you return it?
16. How did you find out about my business?
17. Is there a law that says I have to list my business?
18. My equipment is located in Buncombe County on January 1st of each year until May. Why do I have to list in Haywood County?
19. Do I have to list my inventory?
20. Why am I just now being notified that I have to list my business?
21. Can my Brother come in and list for me?
22. Where can I get a form to list my business?