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Commercial Building Permit Application

  1. Property Address
  2. Type of Improvement*
  3. Type of Use*
  4. Type of Construction*
  5. Type of Occupancy*
  6. Fire Protection Features
  7. Sprinklers*
  8. Fire Alarm*
  9. Building Areas
  10. Square Feet
  11. Square Feet
  12. Utilities
  13. Electrical Service Provider
  14. Agreement*

    I hereby certify that I have the authority to make the foregoing application, that the application is correct, and that the construction shall conform to the regulations in the North Carolina Building Code and all other codes and regulations or private building restrictions, if any, which may be imposed on the above property by deed.

    Applications that are received through the Online Portal go into a Queue and are processed in the order they are received. During times of high volume there can be a significant waiting time

    If an application is submitted without all the required documentation, it will be rejected. 

  15. Please upload plans and specifications for project, Workers Compensation Coverage if required, Designated Lien Agent Assignment if required, Zoning Approval etc.

    The portal only allows one attachment per application, so please put all the documentation in one file, or email additional documentation to:  

    A set of construction plans must be submitted for all Commercial Building Projects.  Please submit the plans in person or by mail.

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