Pregnancy Care & Education

Pregnancy Management Overview

Pregnancy Care Management services are available to pregnant women who are enrolled in Medicaid, and to a limited number of low-income, uninsured pregnant women. Pregnancy Management focuses on connecting you with the information, nutrition, support, and referrals necessary to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


Pregnancy Care Managers are registered nurses or social workers who will work with you and your prenatal care provider to ensure that you receive the best possible care while you are pregnant and for two months after you deliver your baby. 


The goal of this program is to assist you in having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Pregnancy care management is provided at no cost and participation is voluntary.

WIC Program

The WIC program also helps you and your baby start out right. Your WIC nutritionist will give you information about nutrition, healthy meal planning, breastfeeding, and use of food vouchers.

After Delivery

After you deliver your baby, following services are available to you: