911 Communications

Haywood County 911 Communications became an enhanced 911 center in 1995. With state of the art telephone, radio, and computer aided dispatch systems, we remain on the leading edge of technology. We lead most other communications centers in Western North Carolina. We use Positron Viper for our 911 telephone systems, Orbacom for our Radio Consoles, and Southn SOftware for our Computer Aided Dispatch systems. When a telecommunicator answers a 911 line, we are instantly provided with the callers location, telephone number, and response districts. The CAD system recommends the closest available unit to handle the call, sends that unit an alphanumeric page, and displays exact driving directions to the call. With our new enhanced mapping program, we are now Wireless 911 Phase II compliant. This means that once our cellular providers become compliant, not only will we receive an automatic number identification (ANI) for cellular calls, but we will also receive an Automatic Location Identifier (ALI), a latitude/longitude coordinate to pinpoint the location of the cellular caller. This is being tested with most major cellular providers, and can pinpoint most phones within 150 meters.