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Haywood County Emergency Services

Welcome to the website for Haywood County Emergency Services. Our goal is to provide a broad range of professional services to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Haywood County 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The offices for all Emergency Services are located at the Courthouse Annex behind the historic courthouse.


Following is a synopsis of our services:

Emergency Medical Services

Haywood County EMS operates six paramedic level ambulances and one paramedic supervisor in a pickup truck 24 hours per day and seven days per week. The ambulances are strategically located in the four municipalities (two in Waynesville, one in Clyde and one in Canton, one in Maggie Valley, and one in the Bethel area). The paramedics respond to all emergency medical calls and other emergencies, such as fires and accidents. Through a comprehensive move up and standby plan, the ambulances constantly re-locate to other areas of the County to achieve the quickest response times to medical emergencies. View Section >

Fire Marshal

The Haywood County Fire Marshal’s Office has two full-time and one part time employee. The staff operates daily to perform fire code inspections at businesses, schools, nursing homes, foster homes and other multi-occupancy and hazardous facilities. The Fire Marshal’s are also on-call 24 hours a day to respond to assist local Fire Departments with identifying the cause and origin of fires. The only exception is for those within the town of Waynesville and Canton, who provide their own services. You can also contact their office for questions about your fire district and to obtain a burning permit. View Section >

Emergency Management

This department serves as the coordinating agency for all emergency services, and others pertaining to preparedness, planning, response and mitigation to the impact of disasters. The Local Emergency Planning Committee meets throughout the year to keep Emergency Operation Plans current. The department is the point of contact and liaison between municipal, county, state and federal government during disasters. View Section >

911 Addressing

The 9-1-1 Addressing Department provides a comprehensive and uniform system of permanent road addresses for all residences and businesses throughout the county in order to facilitate provision of adequate public safety and emergency response services.View Section >

911 Communications

The 911 Communications Center is the central point of contact for all emergency services. Staffing ranges from two to six telecommunicators per 24 hour day. The office answers all public requests for assistance through 911. A highly technical cache of computers, phone and radio systems is electronically tied together with the staff to assure that citizens get the correct resource required in a timely fashion. Citizens also receive their 911 Address, which is recorded with the 911 CAD so that first responders can be dispatched to find them in an emergency. View Section > 

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